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Before you read my FAQ's please
Click Here and read if a Corgi is
the type of dog you should consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been breeding?

A: Since 2003 for Pembroke Welsh Corgis but have been breeding American Pit Bull Terriers since 1996 and before that Cairn Terriers and Irish Wolfhounds.Started breeding dogs in 1972.

cairns wolfhound

 From about 1985 to about 1995 raised, milked and showed Nubian Dairy Goats...Lazy A Farm

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located in Metter, Ga. about 70 miles west of Savannah right off I-16.

Q: How often do you breed?

A: I decide according to the maturity and health of the dog.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: No.

Q: What is name of your vet?

A: Gateway Animal Hospital
Dr. Gary Edwards
9849 Hwy 301 South
Statesboro, GA  30458
Phone: 912-681-7387


Q: Are your dogs AKC? 

A: Yes, are dogs are registered with "The American Kennel Club".

Q: Have you been inspected by the AKC?

A: Yes, we have. Our latest inspection was done 12/19/12 by Tim, Executive Field Agent.We are compliant with the AKC rules and regulations.

Q: Do you show your dogs?

A: No, we have quality, healthy dogs that represent the breed well.  Showing is not for everyone and in my case due to asthma problems I can’t show….I would love to but just can’t at this time.


Q: Do you give full registration/ breeding show rights?

A: Pricing for Corgi pups will be with neuter/spay agreement. With a limited registration. Puppies with breeding papers  are sold only by special agreement.

Q: What does "limited" mean?

  What is limited registration?
Answer: Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but litters produced by that dog are ineligible for registration.  In addition, a limited dog cannot compete in conformation shows. It is eligible, however, to be entered in any other licensed or member event, including Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility, Rally, and Earthdog.

The breeder assigns limited registration to a dog by marking (blackening) out the limited registration box on the application. The limited box should not be marked if the dog is being fully registered. When registering a dog on-line, you will be prompted to enter the three numbers in the limited box to receive full registration. Failure to do so will result in a limited registration.


Q: If I want to leave the tail on what is required?

A: Deposit will have to be $250 before 5 days of age.

Q: Why do you breed dogs?
A: We love these dogs. They are our "furkids". We find great joy in producing healthy puppies that bring years of joy to people. Each is  given attention and love. I also think that others should have the privilege to own this fantastic breed without having to pay thousands for champion dogs. I find most people want a pet to love. We can and do produce dogs that would do just fine in the ring but our main goal is not our next champion.

Q: Do you accept deposits to hold a puppy?

A: Yes, A non-refundable deposit of $250 will hold a puppy. By sending a deposit you are implying that you are ready, willing and  able to purchase a pup and all that entails. Be certain you are before sending any money. By sending a deposit you are implying that you have read the kennel contract and agree to purchase a pup. It is a binding contract. Deposits are  NOT refundable unless a medical reason puppy isn't saleable or due to death. Deposits will start being taken when the puppy is chosen from a picture. People can come at 6 weeks to see their puppy. Visiting the puppy at 6 weeks will give the new owners a chance to see them running around and it is a fun age.   I will notify the people on my list first with pictures when litter is born before adding  new puppy pictures to my website.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: I will take cash, money order or check for a deposit  but ONLY cash when picking up your puppy. I can arrange for you to use Paypal but 4% extra will be charged.

Q: Do you have a health guarantee?

Each puppy has been seen by our vet and issued a health certificate. Puppies are up-to-date on all vet - recommended immunizations and wormings.

They have been started on heartworm medication and will go home clean  with Frontline Plus or Advantage for fleas. Click here for our Kennel Purchase Contract.


Q: What is the buyer expected to provide?


*You are expected to keep the dog in your home or in a properly equipped kennel.

*You are expected to provide preventative(shots,wormings,heartworm preventive etc...) vet care for the duration of his life.

*You are expected to provide proper diet and clean water.

We strongly urge you to attend a puppy class for obedience.  All dogs should be taught the do's and don'ts of being a companion.  Many dogs undergo euthanasia each year because the owners failed to teach their dogs how to be a canine good citizen.

*You will be expected to have your puppy spayed or neutered per contract you signed..

*You are expected to know and understand the do's and don'ts of this breed.

*You are excepted to pick up your new puppy up the day health certificates have been gotten or other arrangements have been made.Charges may apply.From the day of sending your deposit, you will know the day of pickup so please make sure you arrange your schedule.

*And most of all, you are expected to send me pictures for my website and to let me know how well your well puppy does over the years.


 A: Do you ship pups?


A: Due to new USDA regulations that puppies must be seen by buyer, we will not be shipping.


Q: Will you take a pup back if I am unable to keep it?

A: We will ALWAYS take one of our dogs back no matter what the age or the reason. You will NOT get a refund but we do not want one of our dogs placed in a shelter or with a rescue group. You are strongly urged to be certain you are ready and able to commit your time,love and care for many years to come before you consider purchasing any pup. We feel as the breeders of your pup, we have a life long commitment to it.


Q: Are your puppies house broken?

A: No. It can take a few weeks and sometimes months for a pup to be totally trained. Corgis are smart and with consistency they will housebreak fast. We begin to instill clean habits but our pups are in no way fully house broken. We recommend crate training and instructions are listed on the Puppy Care page. 

Q: Where do your dogs live? 

A: Our dogs live in their kennel which has air conditioning and heat during the night but they have a nice yard to be in while outside which is usually most of the day.They are brought in when weather is bad or during afternoon when very hot outside.Also, to eat they come inside so they are seperated and I can make sure everyone is eating properly.


 Puppies are kept inside the house for the first few weeks and then in our puppy playyard when old enough. They come in in bad weather into kennel. Puppy playyard is located right outside kitchen so they get lots of attention.


Q: When can we visit our puppy?

A: I like people to come when they are the cutest at 6 weeks. They are developing personalities and fun to play with at that age. I make a day for everyone to come visit.


Any other questions please email me

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